Energize Your Next Office

For many years, marketers have understood the power color has on people and have used it to help produce business results for their clients. Certain colors are used on websites and in brands not only because the designer liked them, but for the effect they have on people as well.

It only makes good business sense for you to tap into the psychology of color before you plan your next office space. With just a basic understanding of how certain colors affect people, you can use them to not only create the best atmosphere for your business, but to help you achieve those needed results as well.

Research shows human beings have an involuntary physiological reaction to color. The color red, for example, can cause the adrenal glands to release, the heart rate to rise and the mouth to salivate. Blues and greens on the other hand are more calming and produce the opposite physical reactions to red.

Consider the following list of colors and the feelings they typically evoke before you select finishes for your new office:

– Reds: High Energy, Stimulation, Sexy and Danger.

– Oranges: Happy, Sweet and Youthful

– Yellows: Warms, Sunny, Cheerful and Happy.

– Browns: Rich, Rustic, Earthy and Durable.

– Blues: Cool, Dependable, Soothing and Quiet.

– Greens: Growth, Fresh, Healing and Natural.

– Purples: Sensual, Elegant, Spiritual and Regal.

– Neutrals: Quality, Timeless, Natural.

– Whites: Clean, Pure and Innocent.

– Black: Strong, Classic and Powerful.

 As you plan your new office space, make sure your wall paint, trim, artwork, flooring and furniture finishes are the colors that fit with your brand and business objectives. Let the power of color help you grow your business.

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