Are Your Employees Happy?

 Around here, we spend most of our time and energy helping our clients create cool looking, comfortable and productive work environments. We do our best to listen closely to our clients and do everything we can to make sure office workers are happy with their new work space.  

But, according to Mercer’s new What’s Working survey, nearly half of all employees are unhappy with their jobs. Another 32 % of US workers are seriously considering leaving their current job, up a sharp 9 % from 2005. Maybe we should start paying a little less attention to where employees work and a little more on how they feel about their job?

The survey reflects the trend that more employees have become emotionally disconnected from their work during the last 5 years. A less loyal and more apathetic workforce means lower productivity and higher turnover for the organization.  

Leaders can do something about it by talking to their employees and reconnecting with them on a deeper and more emotional basis. By asking questions, leaders can gain an understanding of how they feel which can help build the kind of emotional connection that can create greater job satisfaction, more productivity and lower turnover. 

Learn more about engaging with your employees at the What’s Working survey website.


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