The 7 Most Important Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Old Office Furniture

Before you decide to replace your existing office furniture, it might be a good idea to consider all your options. It’s important whatever furniture you end up with fits your bottom line as well as your space. That’s not something you’ll hear very often from a furniture dealer, but Team Office isn’t just a furniture peddler. Our goal is to share all our experience and expertise and help you make decisions that are best for your business.

Your success is our success and sometimes that means we don’t sell you new or pre-owned furniture. It may mean we show you how to keep your existing furniture and enable you to get the most value from it possible.

Before you decide to replace your old furniture, be sure to consider the following 7 options.

 1. If you think you need new office furniture because your old cubicle walls are too high, see if the old panels can be cut down. Be sure to get more than one opinion on this. Give us a call for a free, no strings attached estimate to cut down your old panels. We’ll even help you think through all the logistics involved with cutting down cubicle panels.

2. If your old furniture is looking a little shop worn, consider giving it a face lift. Old cubicle panels and chairs can be steam cleaned or reupholstered. Metal surfaces can be touched up. Wood desks and furnishings can be touched up or even refinished. Worn laminate surfaces can be replaced. It’s amazing how much better your old furniture can look with a minimal investment.

3. If you do decide to replace your old furniture, what will you do with it? Is there any resale value? If so, how much? Who will manage the removal of it and when? Don’t forget to time and coordinate the removal of the old with the arrival of the new. This can be tricky if you’re using different vendors. At Team Office, we do both – everyday. Just click here for help.

4. If you’re moving into a new space, could the old furniture fit? You’ll need a good inventory of all the parts and a drawing of how it might fit in the space before you’ll know for sure.

5. If you’re moving and have more than enough furniture, can the excess parts be traded in as credit against your move and reconfiguration?

6. Is your old furniture fully depreciated? Furniture is typically on a 7-year schedule. Be sure to check with your accountant before you get rid of old furniture and make sure it’s been fully depreciated.

7. If you do decide it’s time to replace your old furniture, consider trading it in for a credit against your new equipment. Trading in is the most efficient way to get rid of old office furniture. Not only will your installation and removal be automatically coordinated, but you’ll also eliminate the task of selling the old stuff while lowering your costs for the new furniture.

While it’s always exciting and fun to get new office furniture, it’s important that it’s good for your bottom line as well. Before you decide to buy or not to buy, make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision possible for your business.

In our next edition, we’ll talk about leasing versus buying office furniture.

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