Take a Stand for a Healthier Office

What did Leonardo da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Ernest Hemingway have in common? They all used stand-up desks.

It’s no secret, standing is better for us than sitting. Consider a few of the health benefits of standing versus sitting: 

– Increases circulation and blood flow to the legs.

– Burns up to 25 % more calories than sitting.

– Reduces pressure on the back.

– Strengthens leg muscles and improves balance.

Recent studies show standing may even help us live longer.

– Alternating between sitting and standing increases energy  and helps reduce afternoon drowsiness. 

So, if standing is so much better for us than sitting, why do we spend so much time sitting during the workday? The computer probably has a lot to do with it, but that’s no longer an excuse for sitting at work all day. 

There are several ways you can create a stand-up desk in your office, but the TaskMate by HealthPostures is the easiest and most affordable option. 

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The TaskMate from HealthPostures will provide a sit/stand solution in many work areas at a fraction of the cost of most other height-adjustable products. The TaskMate is changing how people work in a number of applications because of how simple it is to set-up and use. The TaskMate can be added to your workplace without expensive renovation and installation costs. 

Business owners can integrate the TaskMate into the workplace and avoid remodeling cost because there is no need to remove desks or cubicle walls to make room for a large and bulky sit-stand table. 

The TaskMate sits securely onto an existing desk or counter without taking-up a large amount of space. Setting-up the TaskMate consist of taking it out of the box, setting it on an existing work surface and attaching any number of accessories. The TaskMate operates with an electronic actuator that can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. 

How would you like to try the Taskmate in your office for one full week – absolutely FREE?

Call or email Team Office now and schedule your FREE one week TaskMate trial.  



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