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Is Your Workplace Ergonomically Friendly?

Providing an ergonomically friendly workplace is not only a good business investment, it’s also the right thing to do. Healthy and comfortable workers are happier, more productive and have far fewer injuries. 

There are many elements to consider in office ergonomics and using a checklist is a good way to ensure you’re meeting all of the requirements. The OSHA office ergonomic evaluation is a great tool to help you review your office ergonomics. Meeting the OSHA requirements in your workplace can help you reduce the risk of injury as well as your liability. 

A quick review of your own workstation with this simple 9  point checklist will help you get started on the path to a healthier and more comfortable workplace.

  • Easily adjustable seat height. Seat pan short enough for knee clearance.
  • Adjustable back rest to accommodate the normal curve of the lower spine.
  • Swivel chair with 5-star base and casters appropriate to floor covering.
  • Top one-third of the computer screen at or below eye level.
  • Thighs approximately parallel to the floor.
  • Wrists a natural extension of the forearm, not angled up or down. 
  • Keyboard flat at elbow level with palm rest to support hands during rest.
  • Feet resting firmly on the floor; footrest needed if feet don’t the floor.
  • Documents in line with the monitor and keyboard. . 

Comfort is the key. Discomfort is the body’s way of telling you there is a problem.

Call or email Team Office today if you’d like help with the ergonomics in your office.


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