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Annual Chair Trade-In Event

Before you buy new office chairs, call Team Office to learn about our Annual Chair Trade-in Event. Most used office chairs have some residual value – and we can tell you how much your old chairs are worth. Simply trade-in your old chairs – like an old car – as a down payment on new and up-to-date chairs.

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  • Put your old chairs to work for you — they will reduce the cost of your new chairs
  • Trade-up to attractive and comfortable chairs
  • Minimize contribution to our landfills (we’ll donate or recycle your old chairs)
  • It’s easy -Team Office will remove your old chairs when they deliver your new ones
  • You might be surprised how much you can get when you Trade-In your old chairs this month during the Team Office Chair Trade-In Event

Call 816-221-9155 or email us today and see how much your old chairs are worth!

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