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Why Modular Walls May Be Right For You

If you’re looking at building fixed, full-height walls, it might pay to take a look at modular walls. 

Modular wall systems were first introduced in the late 60’s and for many years, mostly large corporations with big construction budgets and high churn rates were the only ones that could cost justify them. At two to three times the initial cost of standard construction, movable wall systems were difficult to justify. Just in the last decade, things have changed and movable wall systems are gaining wide acceptance with designers, corporations as well as construction companies. 


As organizations of all sizes look for ways to adapt to a constantly changing workplace, the case for modular walls has become stronger. 

Before you invest in standard construction walls, consider 8 advantages of a modular wall system: 

Flexibility – Modular wall systems are relatively easy to move and reconfigure. There’s little down time and waste when you need to move and change. 

Reduced Construction Time – Wall systems save 3-4 weeks on a typical construction project compared to dry wall.

Fewer Disruptions – Modular walls are fairly easy to move and reconfigure and there is no construction. 

Tax savings – Wall systems are depreciated on a 7-year furniture schedule.

Superior Aesthetic– Wall systems can be specified with glass, laminates, wood veneer and other materials that can create a beautiful image. 

More Options – Wall systems include many options such as white boards and fabric tack boards.

Connectivity – Most wall systems can connect with modular furniture systems allowing for even more flexibility and furniture integration. 

Better for the Environment – Modular wall systems all but eliminate waste and provide a sustainable solution. 

If you’re planning to build walls, you might consider a modular wall system. Team Office sells and installs Teknion’s award-winning wall systems, Altos and Optos. You can see more here

For more information, call or email your Team Office representative today.


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Annual Chair Trade-In Event

Before you buy new office chairs, call Team Office to learn about our Annual Chair Trade-in Event. Most used office chairs have some residual value – and we can tell you how much your old chairs are worth. Simply trade-in your old chairs – like an old car – as a down payment on new and up-to-date chairs.

J540SBST New copy

  • Put your old chairs to work for you — they will reduce the cost of your new chairs
  • Trade-up to attractive and comfortable chairs
  • Minimize contribution to our landfills (we’ll donate or recycle your old chairs)
  • It’s easy -Team Office will remove your old chairs when they deliver your new ones
  • You might be surprised how much you can get when you Trade-In your old chairs this month during the Team Office Chair Trade-In Event

Call 816-221-9155 or email us today and see how much your old chairs are worth!

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