Team Office is a Little Bit Different…

If you’re looking for an office furniture provider with a huge showroom, lots of people and a really fancy website, you might not like Team Office. Even though we love our home in the historic Crossroads District (we like to say we were here before it was cool) and our showroom is full of the latest furniture introductions from Teknion, it’s not huge and our 100 plus year old building certainly isn’t fancy. We like it that way because it not only fits our personality, it also helps us keep our overhead low and allows us to save our clients money.


For the last 19 years, we’ve kept things simple and efficient. Our owners work directly with our clients – on a daily basis. No layers and no board meetings. That’s given us the opportunity to focus on our clients and their needs instead of on ourselves. We’re available to give our clients the time and attention to detail they deserve. Instead of building furniture museums, we invest our time and resources into our clients and their workspace.¬†That’s why we named the company Team Office, because we believe office furniture is all about people and making them feel like the most important people in our world – instead of another “project”.

Team Office isn’t an audio-visual company, a technology company or a general contractor. We’re a full service office furniture company with great products and a team of people who care deeply about our clients and what they want and need.

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