A Better Way to Get Rid of Old Office Furniture

According to the EPA, nearly 9 million tons of usable office equipment ends up in landfills every year.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when every organization needs to get rid of excess office furniture and equipment. Office updates and renovations, closings and downsizing are the most common events that create excess office furniture. In most of these cases, there’s a limited amount of time to dispose of the equipment. For many years, there wasn’t a good solution and businesses had no choice except to dump it in the landfill.

In 1999, Team Office developed an efficient 4-step process for getting rid of excess office furniture and equipment and the best part is little to nothing ends up in the landfill. During the last 19 years, this process has become a valuable community resource for business owners, facilities managers, non-profits, commercial real estate professionals, and others who need to get rid of excess office furniture and equipment and do it in an environmentally responsible way.

How does it work?

– Furniture trade-ins – A perfect solution for organizations looking to upgrade their existing furniture. The old furniture is removed right before the new furniture is installed.

– Furniture repurposing – When planning new space, every effort is made to reuse existing furniture. Any excess pieces are placed in storage and reused on future projects.

– Recycling – Anything that can’t be sold, repurposed or donated is recycled.

– Donations – Team Office has donated hundreds of offices, cubicles and chairs to area non-profits.

If you have excess office furniture and equipment and you’d like to get rid of it in a responsible way – call 816-221-9155 today or send us an email for more information.

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