More Than Just Wayfinding

branding space. improve experience. drive preference. moving people.

Great spaces are an extension of great brands. They are a vital link among spaces, people and brands. At Takeform, brand and wayfinding are dynamic allies with the power to move people in the built environment.

Team Office is proud to partner with Takeform, the industry leader in branding, wayfinding and signage.


Wayfinding isn’t about signage – although that’s part of it. It’s about the customer experience.

Consider this before choosing your sign company.

At takeform, their experience is deep and wide. So, they understand your unique desires and needs. Take a closer look at what takeform can do for you.

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Corporate 
  • Libraries
  • Senior Living
  • Government
  • A & D

Takeform Vivid Image-Intense Signage

Ready to learn more about what takeform can do for you?

Call or email us and we’ll introduce you to our takeform specialist. | 816-221-9155

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