Get Back to Work – Safely

As the country prepares to go back to work, the focus has quickly turned to preparing the workplace. Guidelines have been given by the government, real estate firms and the A&D community. All of these guidelines have several principles in common.

  • Add cleanable barriers between workstations. These barriers can be permanent or mobile.
  • Create distance between workstations (at least 6′).
  • Reconfigure workstations to avoid face-to-face layouts.
  • Decrease overall density in the workplace.
  • Temporarily eliminate gathering spaces.
  • Utilize a “work shift” strategy to help spread worker populations.
  • Make cleaning supplies readily available.

We realize this has been a difficult time for all of us. Team Office is here to help you provide a clean, healthy and safe workplace for your team. Our mission is to make the transition back to the workplace as easy and efficient as possible.

 Desk Dividers:

Teknion Infinity_Screen_landing






 Sneeze Guards:








Cubicle Extender Panels:






 Mobile Dividers:

Thesis Mobile Markerboard

 Fabrics & Finishes Cleaning Guidelines:

CF Stinson

 Furniture Reconfiguration Services:



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